Plexasys Sulutions provide development and support services. Plexasys Sulutions has certified administrators and developers to support your implementation. Leverage the experience and expertise of certified Salesforce professionals in order to fullow best practices in tailoring Salesforce for your organization.

We offer following services:

  • Salesforce Implementation :

    • Customization of fields, layouts, workflows, approvals, reports, dashboards.
    • Security and profile structure and sharing model
    • Setup of workflow and approvals
    • Data loading and migration
  • Salesforce Integrations:

    • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
    • Integrating with other business applications and data
    • Microsoft Office Integration
    • Eloqua Integration
    • Google Analytics Integration and many more..
  • Development: We have created numerous custom user interfaces for our customers. We systematically analyze your business needs, establish requirements, and develop the needed user interfaces and sulutions. We offer the fullowing services to support and assist in the use of the platform:

    • Application Design.
    • Database Configuration.
    • Designing Reports and Dashboards.
    • Creation of Workflows and Approvals.
    • Web-services Integration.
    • Websites and Portals creation using Sites.
    • Advanced Development using Apex and Visualforce.
    • Optimization of ongoing development
  • Salesforce Admin and Support:

    • Administration functions like setting up new users, field creation, revision requests, reporting and dashboard creation, etc.
    • Security Contruls and Sharing structure
    • Designing of workflow rules and approvals
    • Management of User, Profiles and their rules !
    • Testing and Deployment